What size throw is right for me?

Finding the right size throw for you can be tricky, but we're here to help. Pomme Pomme can make you whatever size throw or blanket (or even scarf!) you like depending on what you want to use it for.

We have the below options available to order:

Instagram Square - 30cm by 30cm

The tiniest option. This is the perfect size for using as an Instagram background, it's not too expensive but will add instant hygge to your snaps.

Small - 50cm by 80cm

Looking for something to keep your feet toasty on the sofa or to use in flatlays? This is the size for you. It's big enough to keep you warm but it's not going to take over the sofa, it's the hygge alternative to slippers.

Medium - 75cm by 120cm

This is the original Pomme Pomme throw that Clare made herself and loved so much she had to share it with you. This design that is perfect for draping over your sofa, snuggling under and for the end of your bed.

Large - 90cm by 150cm

If you just want to get cosy and be the snuggest bug in a rug, this is the throw for you. You can drape it over yourself and hide in a ball of softness. It's also perfect for covering the end of a double bed.

Extra Large - approx 1m by 180cm

This is the queen of all blankets. It's huge, super soft and incredibly toasty. This is ideal for beds and sofas.

But feel free to email Clare to have a chat about different options to suit you. Each Pomme Pomme product is handmade to order so it's no biggie.