Caring for your 100% Merino wool blanket

So you've decided to invest in a snuggly blanket or throw? Excellent choice, welcome to the hygge way of life.

To keep your blanket or throw looking and feeling good, it's important to take really good care of it. Every Pomme Pomme product is made from 100% un-spun merino wool meaning they are incredibly delicate.

Un-spun merino wool is like a Gremlin, it cannot get wet, so don't wash or spill anything on the blanket or throw. You can take them to be dry cleaned but it may change the softness and texture of the blanket. Keep it away from pets too, it's a delicate fabric which doesn't work well with kitten or puppy claws.

The un-spun merino wool we use will shed so expect to pick up quite a bit of fluffiness if you have it on a dark sofa or bedding.

With regular use the blanket will start to get bobbly but will still be super soft and the warmest blanket you will ever own.

If you have any care questions, just get in touch!